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A beamer cheat sheet for appearance

Get the keys to customize beamer

A five pages cheat sheet to customize a beamer presentation.

beamer is a class for LaTeX which permits to prepare beautiful presentations in PDF. Customizing beamer is not really difficult, but it requires to know the name of the templates associated to the elements on a slide.

This five pages beamer cheat sheet gives you the names of these templates sorted by categories: color themes, font themes and template themes. It gives also the list of the “insert-like” commands and the names of the predefined themes.

This cheat sheet is not a complete description of the commands used to customize a presentation in beamer and to define a personnal style. It is only designed as a straightforward path to the right information you must find yourself in the official beamer documentation.

Any suggestions to improve this document are welcome.

If you are a newcomer to beamer and if you understand french, you can find my lecture on beamer here (and more generally on LaTeX), with the accompanying video on this page.